QSP Magazine

QSP Magazine fundraiser

Event Lead: Colleen vonDehn vondehns@gmail.com
QSP Magazine and Photo Memories Fundraiser

For parents who ordered magazines, you may start receiving renewal notices soon.
If you are planning to renew your subscription, please do it at www.qsp.ca and use General Wolfe School Group Code – 3701919.  This will enable our school to earn approx. $10 per magazine renewal.

Remember, you can also place magazine subscription orders at any time at www.qsp.ca (General Wolfe School Group Code – 3701919)

Thanks for your support during our QSP campaign.
You can continue to order and/or renew your magazine subscriptions at great discounts all year long.  Additionally, you can order photo keepsakes and the Entertainment Book App.  Approximately $10.00 of every order will come back to our school.

General Wolfe School Group Code – 3701919