Playground/Post Seismic Landscaping

The Playground of Desolationplayground-desolation

Our key fundraising project this year is the replacement of the playground.  Since our playground was removed in the summer of 2015, we have an urgent need to replace it.  The one remaining playground is used by grades K-7 and gets very crowded during break times. We hope to achieve our goal via the fundraising events planned for this year, grants and our direct drive campaign.  We also are continuing to raise money to ensure that the school has adequate landscaping after the seismic upgrade.  While we have a need for a playground today, we also need to ensure the structures can be moved after the construction and there are appropriate playspaces post construction.

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Help us reach our goal of raising  $100,000 to replace the playground.  So far we have raised $90,000.  We need an additional  $10,000 to acheive our goal!

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We would like to thank all our donors for getting us to this point.  Unfortunately, due to the school seismic upgrading delays, we have had to delay installation of the playground.  We hope to find out more news on our seismic upgrading by November 2016, which should allow us start planning to build our playground. **Update – we sadly found out our seismic upgrading process would be delayed by quite a bit again.   So we will be installing our new playground as soon as possible in 2017!  We still need additional dollars to fund landscaping (benches and trees) but we have raised enough for a playground.  We also need additional money to resurface the basketball courts.

How to Help Us Reach Our Goal

You can help us by participating in any of our fundraising events, volunteering to help with organizing our fundraising events or donating directly to the PAC.  Click here to donate online or contact our PAC Executive if you wish to donate via cheque or cash.

If you are a community group, society, business or interested in supporting the General Wolfe Playground Replacement Project, please see our information guide.