Upcoming Events and Information

*NEW* COVID-19 Update: Schools are not open for all students.  More information available at the VSB:  https://www.vsb.bc.ca/News/Pages/COVID-19-Updates.aspx

*NEW* BC Ministry of Education release keep learning resources during the pandemic:  https://www.openschool.bc.ca/keeplearning/

PAC Meetings

Upcoming PAC and Seismic Meetings:

  • Wed, Jan 15th, 2020
  • Wed, Feb 19th, 2020

Last PAC Meeting was held on November 20th: Minutes

Parent Survey (feedback on how money should be spent, hot lunch, seismic…etc):


PAC Fundraising Events (How do we spend the money that’s raised?)

Other Events/Updates

Seismic Upgrade / Swing Site

  • VSB has said the current plan for Wolfe is a seismically upgraded building (not a brand new building). We welcome your voice and efforts (which are needed!)  Stay tuned as more information comes we will post on our seismic page.   Seismic committee and special seismic meetings will be planned during the year.

For those new to the school (and for info on how to add the school calendar to you phone) – click here!