Outdoor Legacy Upgrades

Overview of Projects (Feb.2022)

  1. Outdoor classroom in the mini forest – Tree Benches and Table
    • Submitted quote 5.1.2021
    • Closest to ground breaking
  2. Outdoor learning/seating space with Picnic Tables and Benches
    • Submitted quote 2.15.2022
    • Includes Principal Legacy Bench
  3. Unique Outdoor Classroom
    • PAC is still working on design and materials to submit for quote to VSB Grounds

Our next key fundraising project is to continue to develop the outdoor classroom funds to enable the best long term outcomes for the projects listed above.

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How to Help Us Reach Our Goal

You can help us by participating in any of our fundraising events, volunteering to help with organizing our fundraising events or donating directly to the PAC.  Click here to donate online or contact our PAC Executive if you wish to donate via cheque or cash.