Online Payment/Donation

Walkathon Donations

If you have a VSB School Cash account (ie. as a parent/guardian of a child in the school), we encourage you to use the VSB online donation portal (Option A) as you will receive your tax receipt and there are no credit card processing administrative fees

If you do not have a VSB School Cash account (ie, friends of Wolfe, grandparents and extended family of Wolfe), you can still use Option A, but you will need to sign up for an account with VSB School Cash Online.  You will also receive a tax receipt.

If you do not want to sign up for VSB School Cash Online, we are also offering direct to Wolfe PAC payment form (Option B).  There is a small credit card processing fee, but we value your donation!

Option A) Walkathon donation via VSB for the General Wolfe Walkathon:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose from a list of donation amounts, or enter a specific amount.
  3. Tribute Info: Do not change. keep as “not a tribute gift”
  4. In the “Message” field, please write the following:
    • Walkathon: Child’s Name, Grade and Division ie. Walkathon: Genny Wolfey, Grade 2, Div 10
    • The above memo is very important as we use it to determine prizes for classes (best spirit, best costumes, most laps, most money raised..etc.)
  5. Click on “Add To Cart”.
  6. Review the information for accuracy and click on “Continue” if everything is correct.
  7. The donor will then be prompted to sign in. If the donor doesn’t have a School Cash Online account, then click on “Click here to register now” and follow the steps to complete the registration process. If the donor does have an account then continue with the payment process to complete the donation transaction.
  8. After the payment has been processed a donation receipt will appear on screen for printing.  The donor will also receive an emailed copy.


Option B) you can donate directly to the General Wolfe PAC Walkathon by using the form below (tax receipts not provided):


(all payments are secured by STRIPE and certified. )

Thank you for your online donation!  Where does your money go?

What do we need?

  • At least $120,000 to support improvements to the new seismically upgraded school.  Based on the experiences of other schools that have been upgraded, these improvements are valued by students and teachers but are not funded by the VSB or the province.  Examples are water extra storage areas, outdoor classrooms, furniture for the new space, drapes,…etc.

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  • We need another $8,000 for smart boards to support the curriculum when we move back to the school in 2021.

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