Online Payment/Donation

Online Payment

Please note that you can pay online and donate directly to the PAC and get a tax receipt immediately.

General Donations

We need your help and donations to support the school.  Our focus this year is a small amount for technology but we really need help to ensure our kids get the best out of our newly upgraded school.  We have been told only the minimum will be done to keep our school safe.  This means the 1980’s linoleum floor and old toilets are likely to stay.  Additional fundraising to provide new facilities for our students is needed and we need your help!

You can donate directly to the PAC account at VSB (please put the memo/message as direct donation):

Or you can pay to the PAC via an online payment system below (the PAC is charged a nominal processing fee):


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Thank you for your online donation!  Where does your money go?

What do we need?

  • At least $120,000 to support improvements to the new seismically upgraded school.  Based on the experiences of other schools that have been upgraded, these improvements are valued by students and teachers but are not funded by the VSB or the province.  Examples are water extra storage areas, outdoor classrooms, furniture for the new space, drapes,…etc.

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  • We need another $8,000 for smart boards to support the curriculum when we move back to the school in 2021.

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