About Us

Our key themes

  1. Communication between teacher and parents.
  2. Fundraising to support not only our key goal of replacing the playground but also to support enriched programming and other school needs (see our FAQ section for more information)
  3. Parent involvement (ie. volunteering, parent led programs and helping to achieve our focus on being socially responsible and empathetic)

PAC Executive List

General Wolfe Community Email List

Please join the community here at General Wolfe Elementary, by joining General Wolfe Elementary Google Groups. It is a site for General Wolfe families to communicate and share information in an easy email format. Here you can post or receive info on a variety of community topics such as:

  • PAC events
  • Missing pets or other items
  • Seeking a babysitter
  • Selling bikes or other items
  • Donating goods
  • Seeking recommendations on destinations, tutors, etc.
  • Alerting on suspicious activity in the neighbourhood
  • Announcing relevant upcoming school or community events (e.g. school yard sale)

Please visit https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/general-wolfe-pac to be added to the list.

More about the PAC

Our Constitution and Bylaws are listed here. 

In 2017, parents were surveyed about the PAC and what they wanted.  Here are the results.

What is the Parent Advisory Council (PAC)?  The PAC’s key role is to “advise the Board, Principal and staff of the school respecting any matter relating to the school”.  The PAC consists of all parents and guardians, who wish to attend monthly meetings and provide assistance in collaborative planning and the co-ordination of various school events and activities.

Meetings are open to all General Wolfe parents, guardians, staff and guest speakers.

What happens at PAC meetings?  Meetings are held to discuss school issues, provide advice on policy and procedures, support school programs, and plan special events for students and families.  Each meeting includes reports from the Chairperson, Treasurer, Committees, teachers and principal.   In addition guest speakers may present information on a variety of topics.

What elected positions are there on Council?  Elected positions include Chair, Vice Chair(s), Secretary(s), Treasurer, DPAC Representative and School Planning Council.  Elections for positions are held in September and any parent or guardian may run for a position or cast a vote.

What does fundraising involve and why is it needed?  Many fundraising events are supported through the volunteer efforts of the PAC.  Profits from these events are all used to fund items not covered by government funding sources.  The items typically include technology equipment software, library books, gym equipment, audio visual supplies, field trips, and additional “special event” supplies.

What is the School Planning Council?  Three parents, at least one of whom is a member of the PAC Executive, work with the school administration and staff to develop the School Plan and to provide input and advice regarding some school procedures.