Thank you 2021!

On October 15th, 2021, the General Wolfe community came together to raise more than $20,000 for students! Thank you to everyone. Until next year!

October 15, 2021

Many of you have been able to experience the PAC lead school Walkathon every fall. It is a wonderful and exciting event that raises majority of the funds for the school for the year. Not only is it our number one fundraiser, it is a lot of fun for the kids and parents!

The event normally gets the entire Wolfe community out to the school whether it’s to volunteer or cheer the kids on. Normally we have face painting, balloons, coffee and tea for the parents, booming music for the kids, and just a whole lot of fun. Due to COVID, we have had to alter the Walkathon this year. We are still hoping to raise as many funds as possible while bringing a little fun for the kids.

What does the Walkathon raise money for? The PAC funds many things at our school such as new books, outdoor learning equipments, sporting equipment, technology, musical instruments,Grad Ceremonies, and many extra programs that would not be possible otherwise. Many of the wonderful things our school gets to do, as well as participate in, are funded by the PAC. So, without the funds, many of these things can not happen.

Here is what the Walkathon will look like this year:

COHORTS: We are going to do the walkathon in the group cohorts with two classes walking at the same time. This will take place on the small field on school grounds as the city will not let us book out the track/field across the street. Nancy will be setting the schedule that will work for all the divisions and their cohorts.

LAP COUNTING: Normally we have punch cards and the volunteers punch these as the kids pass their colour coded corner. This year we are asking the the teachers to bring out a white board or something of the nature to mark the laps down as their kids pass the marker.

TEAM SPIRIT: As every year, the classes choose a theme and dress up for the Wakathon with their theme in mind. There will be prizes for the primary and intermediate for Team Spirit.

MUSIC: Normally we have a massive school warm up with blasting music. This year Mr. Mathewson is going to try to figure out a way to still play music while the kids run/ walk their laps! This will hopefully add some fun to the mix.
PLEDGES: Normally we send the kids home with pledge sheets and they get pledges from family members, neighbours, etc and bring the pledge sheet back with cheques, cash or online. This year there will be NO RETURNING PLEDGE SHEETS as we cannot accept ANY cash or cheques. As mentioned in the notice home, please do NOT send the pledge sheet back to school with your child. This is just for you to keep at home so you can keep track of your own pledges and donations. Again you can go directly to the PAC website to donate. Please send out the link to family and friends as well.
PRIZES: Normally we have a pizza party but we are not allowed outside food this year. Therefore, we will be offering gift cards for the kids to YUM candy shop which will be good for 1 free single scoop ice cream or a box of candy! We figure this should get them excited. We will be awarding prizes for the most laps and the best team spirit.  We will separate primary and intermediate so there will be a total of 2 winning classes in each. We can’t award prizes for most money raised since the pledge sheets will not be returned this year and its difficult to track which child/family online.