About the School

Did you know that….

  • General Wolfe Elementary was built in 1910.
  • In 1912, two additional wings were added due to expanding population. Then in 1920 two wooden temporary buildings were built. These two buildings are still the annex and the gym today.
  • General Wolfe Elementary was named after General James Wolfe.
  • The school is on the list of Canada’s Historic Places.  General Wolfe Elementary School is a two-storey (with raised basement) brick school, with a wood-frame annex at the rear. The earliest portion was built in 1910-12 in a Classical Revival style, featuring the ‘barbell’ plan (a central block with projecting wings).
  • One of Wolfe’s claims to fame is the boy in “Wait for Me, Daddy” photograph (of a boy reaching out towards his father in a line for war). This photo is internationally recognized, and the boy went to school at Wolfe.

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